The integrity and image of a casino gets compromised if it’s easily burglarized. Offering things like free spins no deposit can sometimes attract the wrong crowd. Wired glass, which is also referred to as safety glass or monothilic glass is ideal for securing casinos and other vulnerable facilities. Wired glass contains layers of metal lace for reinforcement. This reduces the chances of glass breaking. Again, if the glass breaks the chances of injuries are less. There are many reasons why businesses should opt for secure glass.

Reliable and Versatile

Wired glass is reliable because it is resilient and fire resistant. It’s also versatile and ideal for many applications including screens, doors, and overhead glazing. Wired glass tests well in fire or high heat areas.


Laminated and tempered safety glass is mostly used to secure display cases. Tempered glass is more popular because it is hard to break. Laminated glass also comes with a film of vinyl between the layers of glass to offer better protection. The beauty of these glasses is that they are also aesthetically appealing. This means that you do not have to compromise on the aesthetics. Your products will still look attractive behind the display glass.

Less Sound Transfer

Casinos should be private spaces. Laminated glass helps to reduce the sound. If the outside is noisy or with heavy traffic, people in the casino will not be distracted by the noise. Besides, any activities going on in the casino will not cause disturbances to people outside. Laminated glass has sound insulation features which help to muzzle sound.

UV Protection

Laminated glass windows can help reduce the glare from the sun. Normal glass windows let in UV rays which can cause fading of curtains and even carpets. Laminated glass comes with a special film which blocks the harsh rays.

These types of secure glass are appropriate for casinos to secure the facilities and valuables without compromising on the aesthetics.