Engaging in the trade of jewelry requires top security precautions. Their high value means they attract a lot of attention from criminals and masterminds good at stealing them. At the same time, you also want to provide an eye-catching display for them at your shop to appeal to the customers.

This creates the need to acquire the best glass-case displays that are both secure and will give great views of the diamonds, pearls, and gems to buyers. There are four types of safety glasses that provide the ultimate security for glass-cases.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is glass that has been treated using heat and chemicals to make it stronger. When exposed to excessive force, it breaks into granular chunks that are held together instead of shattering into a million pieces. It not only protects your precious jewelry from burglars but also helps avoid injury should the glass break accidentally.

Laminated Glass

This type of glass consists of several layers of glass and plastic. An interlayer holds the two in place. When exposed to stress, this interlayer holds the glass together and keeps it from falling apart. It is characterized by a web-like pattern when cracked.

Wire Mesh Glass

The wire mesh glass is not famed for its strength but more for its fire resistant nature. The thin wires embedded in its structure makes it weaker and will break more easily as compared to other types of safety glasses. If you want to keep your precious items safe from fire, this is the best option.

Engraved Glass

This is a recent development in the manufacture of safety glasses. It’s still undergoing tests, but research has shown it is 200 times stronger than normal glass.

Laminated, toughened, and engraved glasses are the best types to use for jewelry glass-cases. Wire mesh glass, on the other hand, is more suitable for fireproofing the cases.