A glass display is arguably the best way to showcase jewelry and many other valuable items. But a glass display can also expose its items to petty thieves as well as burglars. Any serious dealer needs to know the kind of glass used to make display cases. If it’s not secure glass it may not serve the purpose of a display case. Here are the two used safety glass types.

Tempered Glass

Tempering is a process of heat treatment that increases the toughness of glass. To achieve this toughness, tempered glass goes through the heat again. Normal glass goes through the heating process once. The heat increases its strength thus making it the choice of most individuals when thinking of a secure case. Reheating also realigns its molecular composition. In the event of breakage, it shatters into small granules as opposed to sharp shards.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass comprises of glass, plastic and polyvinyl butyral (PVB). PVB is the glue that holds it together. These components layout in two or more layers depending on the strength hoped for. Many layers can make laminated glass bulletproof. In case of an impact, laminated glass may shatter but the interlayer keeps the pieces intact. This makes it ideal for jewelry cases as it disappoints burglars, who may have hoped to smash, grab and run.

Laminated glass may incorporate an Ultraviolet (UV) blocking film to enhance it’s strength. This will protect expensive ornaments from the harsh and damaging UV rays. Some of these items are sensitive to too much light.

The secure glass may cost more than normal glass but in the end, it saves much more. Laminated glass may be quite expensive. Yet it offers the best security and safety among all glass types. To protect valuables, one must be ready to use the best cases.