Many people are turning to glass structures for security. From windows to doors, people are opting for glass. Security glass is typical in high-end commercial buildings like Banks and Forex Exchange Bureaus. Nowadays, security glass is finding its way into homes. There are many reasons why security glass is suitable for windows, doors, and closets at home.

Transparency and Ventilation

The glass is transparent. When used as a security window, it illuminates the house better than wooden shutters. A house with glass windows will not need light bulbs during the day. Glass also provides a perfect view of the outside surrounding. It allows a person to view the contents of the closet. It offers aesthetic value to cabinets, doors, and jewelry cases.

Quality over Quantity

Most people have this notion that the thicker the glass, the stronger it is. False. In fact, a lens with many layers is prone to breakage when under heat compared to one with few layers. This is because of the different expansion which causes strain and ruptures. While choosing a strong security glass, go for the one which can withstand heat and impact.

Impact Resistant

Most security glasses which can resist impact have three or more layers of polymers. They can also be single glass slide. Lamination achieved by high pressure and heat to combine the layers. A robust binding material called polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) resin is applied between the layers.

Lockable Handles

Excellent and secure security glass should come with lockable handles for doors and cases. Some prefer sliding glass windows or cases. Whichever your preference, it should have some complex locking mechanisms for greatest protection.

In summary, demand for impact test before purchasing a security glass for your home. Most dealers drop steel balls to test for the strength of the security glass. Choose an expert who will fix it.