Quality product development should be the main thing a business takes pride in. Such products ensure they meet the varying needs of their customers. ESg Secure glass manufactures products that range from attack resistant glass to resistance to blasts. Here are amazing properties of ESg secure glass:

Resistant to Hand-Operated Attacks

Hand-operated attacks are manual attacks whenever individuals try to break or smash the glass. The glass has inbuilt material designed to withstand such force or impact. Besides, the glass can also withstand more violent attacks like that from a hammer or axe. This depends on the quality of material used during manufacturing.

Intruder Attack Resistance

An intruder uses a variety of tools to attack. These include; screwdrivers, glass cutters, pliers, chain-saws, and hacksaws. The glass, during manufacturing, undergoes tests relevant to real-life situations. It undergoes attacks using the pre-mentioned tools and much more advanced ones to show their suitability. The test also involves how long particular tools will take to get through the glass. The longer and harder it is to get through, the better quality of the glass.

Bullet Resistance

ESg secure glass has the ballistic standards. These standards determine whether or not the glass can stop a bullet from passing through it. It is a more sensitive attribute as most people will invest in it as a matter of their lives safety. This property inhibits a bullet from passing through by slowing the speed of the bullet. It then distributes the bullets force throughout the glass. A bullet stops and the impact creates splinters throughout the glass.

The decision to invest in ESg secure glass should be involving because it encompasses the safety and security of individuals and business places. One should consider the implications of cost, quality of product, and customer support whenever needed. The experience of the company also assures expertise as no one would want amateurs to take care of such a delicate project.